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At Gunpoint Redone: Tia and Seoyuri by meto30
At Gunpoint Redone: Tia and Seoyuri
This is the redone version of… , which I really did not like on completion. This picture, while basically the same, was redrawn from sketch and features subtle changes that improves upon the points I felt ashamed of regarding the previous version, especially with Tia. There's a second version of this picture featuring a slightly different Seoyuri, as the person who requested this picture wanted some things changed.

Seoyuri is a character from a Korean online action game Closers, and thus this picture qualifies as a fanart.

Finally I can move on to that Let it Go picture.
At Gunpoint: Tia and Seoyuri by meto30
At Gunpoint: Tia and Seoyuri
This is Tiandriel Dracondar, my OC, and Seo Yu Ri, a character from the Korean computer game Closers, having each other at gunpoint. This was drawn to fulfill a request by an acquaintance of mine. I am immensely unsatisfied with how the picture has come out; the poses are too static, their expressions are confusing (and unfitting), the situation is contrived, and Tia's proportions and body shape could've been done better. Therefore, I'm redoing this picture as soon as I get the time to do so.
HMSM Princess Celestia by meto30
HMSM Princess Celestia
Presenting Her Majesty the Solar Matriarch, Princess Celestia of Equestria. I have always been fascinated with the idea of making Celestia's jewelry more detailed; ever since my first ever drawing of her, I've always imagined her crown to feature thin bars of gold radiating outwards from the gem like rays of sunlight, similar to the window above the Altar of the Chair in Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome.
Seoyuri Pony by meto30
Seoyuri Pony
This is ponified Seo Yu Ri, a character from the Korean computer game Closers. I actually never played the game; I simply thought the character would be cool to draw. I decided to troll the person who suggested I draw her by drawing a ponified version instead; at the moment I have not actually gotten to working on the human version. I laughed quite hard on seeing that person's face. :D
Request: Iron Will being philosophical by meto30
Request: Iron Will being philosophical
This is a request made by a friend in an internet forum asking me to draw Iron Will being philosophical. While I'm not sure I understood "being philosophical" correctly, guessing that I should draw Iron Will dressed and posed as a philosopher, I decided to give him the iconic look of Socrates in The School of Athens by Raffaello Sanzio, 1509.
The following is my picture queue as of May 2nd, AD 2014, written with descending order of precedence. The D&D-related pictures are in italic.
  • Pony Art Trade: Minty Tea with Rarity and Maelstrom (comic, short)
  • Pony Art Trade: Zeeps the Changeling
  • Pony Volunteer Project: Aurora in the Spa
  • Pony Request: Danger Shadow
  • Pony Request: Mistletoe Cane
  • Twilight Sparkle explores Modern Technology (comic)
  • Idolmaster original: Project Fairy (Miki, Takane, Hibiki)
  • Idolmaster original: Wandering Stars (Yukiho, Ami, Mami, Iori)
  • Idolmaster original: Perfect Sun (Haruka, Makoto, Yayoi)
  • Idolmaster original: Missing Moon (Chihaya, Azusa, Ritsuko)
  • Idolmaster original: Otonashi (Otonashi Kotori)
  • Request: Orc Grunt
  • Idolmaster in FE: Django party (Trude, Percy, Ciel, Micky)
  • Idolmaster in FE: Aland party (Justinia, Vicky, Tacita)
  • Idolmaster in FE: RGKM (Ritsuko, Gina, Karia, Marth)
  • Request: Jezzy the dog (and cat)
  • Request: Lorelei and Kanda
  • Metatron: Mercury (Anna (Amethysta))
  • Metatron: Bloodstone (Peridota)
  • Metatron: Coldiron (Perla)
  • Metatron: Aqua Regia (Cornalina)
  • Metatron: Truesilver (Lunaria)
  • Request: Glitch (Dance Dance Central)
  • Classmates (Trude, Percy, Ciel, Micky)
  • Michael Strahan main illustration (Michael Strahan)
  • Hellion (Hellion the Fleet)
  • Father and....? (Danboult Orion, Trude)
  • Pony Request: the Cakes as a battle couple
  • The Gunpowder Alliance (Emperor Tchazzar, Queen Resteina, Sultan Vhaibars, Lord Blackstaff, Arch-minister Zakharov, Elminster the Sage)
  • Angela the Ranger
  • RWBY Action Ensemble
Some projects were dropped entirely to make up room in the queue, while some projects were moved to the top to give myself a bit of a 'vacation' consisting of pieces I'm really interested in. :D

PS: I'm not getting this queue done anytime soon, am I...?
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William-Mathew Seungho Yang
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Maelstrom. Near-full-time Dungeon Master (lol), part-time hobbyist pencil illustrator.

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