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- Pick 10 of your OCs in any order. If you don’t have 10 OCs use canon, borrow yer friends's char, whatever.

- Don't look at the numbers in the questions while picking the characters! (it's more fun that way)

- Link back to the blank. (There was no link with the version I stole, sorry...;; )

- Have fun!

My Chosen Victims:

1. Tiandriel Dracondar

2. Aleera Dracondar

3. Amie Dracondar

4. John T. Nash

5. Himaltha

6. Alice & Black Alice (property of Alicesoft)

7. Captain ”Sixteen” Sid Jansen

8. Maelstrom Kane

9. Ramas Odesseiron

10. Liia Dawnbreeze

Now, onto the questions:

1. So, [8], what do you think about Valentine's Day?

Maelstrom Kane: It is a quaint tradition of the real world’s modern age. And many confectionaries profit from it; how very modern and capitalistic.

2. Believe it or not, but [3] was convinced to go to a blind date. Turned out his/her partner is [6]. How did the date go?

Amie: Mom, did you hook me up with the Alices on purpose?!

Tiandriel: What? I don’t know what you are talking about. :icontrollfaceplz:

4. Ding ding, [1] received an anonymous fan letter! What does it say?

Tiandriel: It says I’m awesome! Of course I’m awesome. I’m amazing in more ways than anyone can imagine, even me! There, said that. Now I dare you to argue against it. =w=+

5. [7] caught [2] and a crocodile in fancy hat going to a movie together. How romantic!

Sid Jansen: So, ma’am, apparently Lady Aleera is going along well with the Lizardpeople now?

Tiandriel: And why shouldn’t she? She freed them from probable slavery, after all.

6. Ehem, [9], can you please describe your ideal partner/dream date, no matter how weird it might sounds?

Ramas Odesseiron: Dating is for you monkeys and lesser beings. If I wanted to procreate, I’d simply walk up and demand a fitting vessel to submit.

8. [4] is dared to kiss someone in this meme, who would he/she choose?

Nash: I have a loving wife, it would of course be her. If that makes the dare moot, then the dare itself is meaningless; a kiss is and should be a sign of affection, not brashness.

10. Oh noes! [2] was kidnapped by heavy-armed evil hamsters and was taken to a castle to become king hamster's new sweetheart! Anyone want to make a rescue team?

Aleera: I guess I’ve been in weirder situations…

Tiandriel: I brought popcorn!

Sid Jansen: Ma’am, how’s a bag of popcorns going to help rescue her?

Tiandriel: Rescue? No, Aleera can handle herself; she freed herself from Thay, she can get out of this on her own. The popcorn is a snack! For watching the show! of my daughter escaping evil hamsters.

Sid Jansen: And here I was wondering why you’re called a maniac.

Tiandriel: Am not!

11. Would [10] receive any chocolate or gift on Valentine's Day? Anything from someone in the meme?

Liia Dawnbreeze: I never got anything from anyone but Owen. He’s a sweet boy, he’s always giving me gifts on Valentines’ and other holidays. I think I’ll repay the kindness this year. *blushes*

12. [3] randomly walks in and sees [7] sitting on [1] and they're both on a bed

Amie: ...what?

Sid Jansen: This is so not what it looks like.

Tiandriel: Don’t be shy, Sixteen. Amie, this is totally what it looks like. *wink wink*

Sid Jansen: Ma’am, please don’t make this worse than it already is...

Amie: ...frankly, I don’t care. And I’m going to need brain bleach.

13. [4] and [5] is giving [6] some pieces of love advice. What're they?

Nash: Love is one of the most beautiful and intense emotions a human being can feel. It drives a person to greater deeds; it inspires wondrous art; it in some cases literally holds a person from breaking apart. If you think you are feeling it, you would be wise to cherish it, and hold dear to that feel.

Himaltha: It isn’t always pretty, but trust me, going through the rough spots is always worth it in the end with love. Love’s like that. Persistence pays, girls.

Alice: Love… it sounds like a nice thing.

Black Alice: Statistical analysis of quotes about love in the library index concurs with your observation.

Tiandriel: No! Don’t teach them love; they’ll get boring!

15. [8] received a mysterious gift box from [2]. What's inside it?

Maelstrom Kane: A book from the Mulsantir Vault… it is truly a wonderful gift, milady, but sorry, I’m already married. To a Queen, no less.

16. So, [7], have you ever played half-naked Twister? Do you want to?

Sid Jansen: What kind of question is this? No, I don’t want to! And no, ma’am, I really am not doing it!

Tiandriel: Pity… I even got myself oiled and all...

17. [1] and [3], please each pick a song that describe your state of mind on Valentine's Day.

Tiandriel: If You Seek Amy, by Britney Spears!

Amie: I don’t need songs, I need amnesia. To forget all the Valentine’s Days of my life. You might think living in a frickin’ castle will give you plenty of room to dodge mom, but no, with mom, that doesn’t happen.

18. Cool. And what do they think about the other person's song?

Tiandriel: Amie’s just being jealous. I really should help her get a boyfriend.

Amie: She’s looking into the school phonebook again, isn’t she? I’ll keep my phone off for the next few days, then. Urgh.

19. King hamster's castle was conquered, and [10] was in charge of re-decorate it for a

Valentines event (don't care about money). How does the castle look like after the re-decorating?

Liia Dawnbreeze: I don’t have much of a knack for such things, so I told Owen to take care of it. He’ll do a fine job, I’m sure of it; there’s nothing he can’t do!

20. Everyone in this meme is invited to a fantastic ball in the castle. Describe it a bit and/or tag someone to end the meme!

Tiandriel: Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to tonight’s Dracondar Estate Grand Invitational Ball. I am your host, Tiandriel, and I’m ready to ROCK THIS PARTY!!!

Sid Jansen: Permission to speak freely, sir?

Nash: Granted.

Sid Jansen: Can’t I just go home now?

Well that was pretty fun! Tag yourselves if you want to join in.


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MrDak3000 1 day ago  Student
Thnx for the watch homie :D
meto30 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're very welcome, dear sir :)
ryssa-takesaki 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
THANK YOU so much for your many faves and watch Love !!
I really appreciate your art style, including the design of the clothes that you draw on your characters! ;) (Wink) 
meto30 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you greatly! :) I didn't think I'd get a watch back! It is your art that deserves praise; your vibrant and yet natural colours go so well with your confident lines. I am honoured that a great artist such as you have thought it worthwhile to watch me; I hope I shall not let you down! Thank you so much for the watch-back, and also, you're always welcome on my account! :D
ryssa-takesaki 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It is an honor to receive so much praise by you :)! I'm still at a stage where my art requires more learning (especially when it comes to anatomy and background), but I'm really very happy for your words :heart:
Honestly, I'm amazed at the way you draw the small details of the clothes and objects that make up the artwork.
I wonder if you would be interested in Art Trades.. At the moment I 'm busy with artworks to deliver, but do you accept after I finish?
meto30 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I would gladly do an art trade with you! :) Let me know as soon as you are free so we can discuss the details. If you ask me, a busy artist is a happy artist; I salute your productivity. Oh, I'm so excited! XD
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SirenAnimations 3 days ago  Student Filmographer
Thanks a lot for the fav!
meto30 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're very welcome! :)
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Thank you so much for the watch :iconslowhugplz:
meto30 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're very welcome :)
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